Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of services right from embroidery to stitching in domestic as well as commercial setups.


All production steps from cutting to sewing, packaging, and controlling and delivering, are handled by our exceptional and diligent employees who persevere to bring the organization to greater heights by never compromising on quality and providing efficient cost-cutting to ensure the best prices in the market.

The working staff is also highly trained in the craft, well qualified, and equipped with the latest technology in the field to ensure fluid and swift production of garments year-round, as well as controlling the quality of the goods manufactured.


Our top-quality stitching line is experienced and dedicated to providing required quality and t1meIy deliveries, and is considered one of the best in the local industry. Material quality checking starts from the fabric receiving which continuously monitored by our experienced and dedicated quality control team to the end product is dispatched to its customer


Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in embroidery allow us to create a follow perfect, innovative, and desired designs for the garment. By operating an extensive range of vendors, we have the capital to produce various designs in time.

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